Obama forget to salute Marine Watch Whats next happens


Obama forget to salute Marine Watch Whats next happens

No Offense Officer! Just Mitchelle on My Mind

Doing things on autopilot happens to all of us. When it happens to us, no one may notice but when it happens to the President of the United States, it may be tantamount to a major breach of protocol

That is what happened to Obama in the ‘Obama forgets to salute’ video. Who knows what he was thinking about on his way to the ‘Naval Academy graduation ceremony ‘? The American Commander-in-Chief forgot the obligation to return his officer’s salute. Obama just walked past the marine and hurriedly boarded Marine One without even noticing the traditional salute.

Someone in the helicopter may have signaled him, or he may have got out of his daydreaming on his own and ran to make amends. It was good that he hurried back to shake the marine’s hand. I liked the marine’s reaction to the whole foible. He seemed unmoved and even when the president took his hand he calmly took everything in his stride. For Obama, it is just another of life’s reminders that none of us is perfect.


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