Obama gets his groove on- Obama Gangnam Style


Obama gets his groove on- Obama Gangnam Style

A well documented session portraying a jubilant President Obama getting his dance moves on is available for all to see on Youtube. A carefully and well-executed likeness to the catchy tunes that made Psy famous, shows the most powerful man on the planet shaking his booty in a dance-off with his wife, Michelle Obama.

The video portrays actors who closely resemble America’s number one power couple, however, the resemblances are uncanny.The dance moves seem to suit the president well and may just redeem him from the hostility of the American population after the implementation and enforcement of Obama care. Fun to watch and easy to sing to, it is a great ice-breaker for those wanting to ease tension. Perhaps screening this clip at the next United Nations meeting will ease the atmosphere slightly and close the gap to world peace. Failing that, at least you get to see Obama shaking what his mama gave him.


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