Obama’s Last Day In Office, Quietly Sent $221M to Palestinians


Obama’s Last Day In Office, Quietly Sent $221M to Palestinians

Obama's Last Day In Office, Quietly Sent $221M to Palestinians

Obama’s Last Day In Office, Quietly Sent $221M to Palestinians

The Obama Administration just did something interesting these days that has made the political landscape get hot in America. This situation might not turn the Trump Administration upside down, but it will annoy them.

Defying Opposition

The Obama Administration defied the opposition of the Republican Party when it released $210 million to Palestinian Authority.

The Republican Party was just blocking the funds. The Obama Administration notified Congress about this release Friday morning.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State, told some lawmakers about this the move before life leaving the important State Department. The notification came to Congress in January 20, just before Mr. Trump took office. The Obama Administration just went ahead releasing $5 million to pay for some foreign affair premises.

Money for the U.N

The Obama Administration also released $1.5 million for the U.N. some congressional aides said. The State Department official and the aides were just not authorized to just speak about this, so they wanted to remain anonymous.

Some lawmakers in the Republican Party were opposed to the release of funds to the Palestinian Authority because this organization wanted to seeks membership in some international organizations. But Congress just approved this funding in 2016 and 2015.

A congressional hold is commonly respected by the President of the United States.

Pressing for Money

The Obama Administration wanted to release the money as soon as possible. The money will be used by the Palestinian state for the enhancement of the rule of law and good governance.

The Palestinian state will also use the money to support political and security reforms. Gaza and the West Bank will also get some money.

The Trump Administration might hate this feat, and the same is true for some members of Congress.

The new President said he will support Israel, and he even invited the Prime Minister of that country to the White House. [mashvideo]

Source: foxnews

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