Obama, The World’s Most Powerful Man, But A Gentleman First


Obama, The World’s Most Powerful Man, But A Gentleman First

Obama may be the most powerful man in the world, but when it comes to ladies, he is a gentleman. When he was getting out of his chopper earlier this week with two of his female employees, rain was already pouring. Stuck with only one umbrella, President Obama waited for his staff to come out and shared it with them, walking in the rain and getting his suit wet in the process.

Now, he’s the president. He didn’t have to do this gesture, he could have just rightfully went on his way under the argument that he has more important matters to attend to, and that he has to present himself dry and clean in front of the media. His action showed that he cares about his employees and that he prefers to work as a team.

The video is having some effects on the web, garnering comments about how Obama still values and practices respect, a lost art in western countries. By showing example, maybe he will influence younger generations to adopt this kind of behavior and make relationships more pleasant between humans.


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