Octopus – the Most Intelligent & Sentient Creatures


Octopus From Myth To Legend The Most Intelligent & Sentient Creatures, That perplexed Us From Centuries

Octopus From Myth To Legend The Most Intelligent & Sentient Creatures, That perplexed Us

There can be no doubts about the intelligence of an octopus, a sea creature with two eyes, eight long limbs called tentacles with two rows of sucker senses. Found in oceans and open water, they are well known for their intelligence as they perform various antics that show that they are skilled of compound and flexible behavior.

Octopus are active predators too and they use their intelligence to discover, recognize and remember their surrounding environment and behavior patterns of other animals to adjust in the water where they live.

Studies have also proved some fun facts about octopus; the most interesting of them being that they can learn very easily by observing other octopus and they can also solve problems like removing a lid or plug or hunting a prey.

octopus intelligent carrying coconut

The most interesting facts about octopus’ intelligence is its capability to conceal when it feels under attack. Gifted with a set of connections of pigment cells and specific physique muscles in its cells, a mimic octopus is an Indo-Pacific species that can contest the patterns, textures and even colors of its surrounding area and save its life. This mimic octopus is the only discovered marine animal that can defend itself against predators like sharks and other fish in this manner when it senses danger.

a mimic octopus is an Indo-Pacific species

When it comes to octopus what they eat, here too they use their intelligence as they have the ability to stalk and hunt down small fish. They also catch their prey by using a jet of water to hunt or using its tentacles to reach down into crevices and holes and grab small crustaceans using its suction cups.

The largest octopus in the world is believed to be the giant Pacific octopus that weighs about 15 kg, almost 33 lb and can reach up to 4.3 meters or 14 feet with its long arms. With the giant pacific octopus facts, it is not hard to believe that these are some very interesting ocean creatures that live in depths of water but are fully capable of defending themselves by using their intelligence in a very scientific manner, knowing exactly what they must do to protect themselves.[mashvideo]

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