How These Old Predictions Came True Will Blow You Away


How These Old Predictions Came True Will Blow You Away

History! One of the most boring subject one would feel during their study. But there are few persons from the history only, who have predicted the things well before it actually happened. Some people at that time call them mad and make their laugh, but when that predictions came true they became the famous persons of history:


  1. Robert Boyle in 1660 has already predicted that: One day humans would transplant organs from one body to another to cure his disease.

  2. The same Robert Boyle made predictions of GPS system, that one day something will be there which will help us in certain way to find the correct longitudes.

  3. With analyzing the growth of population back in 1783, Ezra Stiles, then president of Yale University has predicted that after 200 years the population of US will reach up to 300 million.

  4. After watching two powerful countries Russia and Angelo America going to same destination, Alexis de Tocqueville, in the year 1840 only predicted a cold war, that although their paths are different and their techniques are different, but their destination is same and on some day, the cold war will occur.

  5. The not so famous Russian chemist of that time, Dmitri Mendeleev in the year 1863 had predicted the weights and properties of missing 40+ elements perfectly even though, at that time only 60 elements were known.

  6. In the year 1865, Jules Verne wrote an article named as “From earth to mood”. It was about 100 years before the original flight of Apollo, who took first person to moon. Not only that, the writer had also predicted about the place from where it is going to launch and the weightlessness feeling a man is going to feel on moon.

  7. The famous short story writer of that time i.e. 1898, wrote a story named as “Futility, Or The wreck of the Titans”, in which he had mentioned about the ship who crashed in an iceberg and sank. And the same thing happen with the TITANIC exactly after 14 years.

  8. Now a day everyone is carrying his/her personal mobile, but it was truly predicted by Nikola Tesla in the 1909, much before the invention of a mobile, that someday everyone will be carrying a wireless device through which they can sent message and call any one.

  9. We think all of our readers are using Internet, and how not because they are reading this article on internet only. But this thing was first and rightly predicted by a since fiction writer Mr. Issac Asimov in the year 1988. He predicted it as an online resource library which will be useful for anyone to read article from anywhere in the world.

  10. An Italian girl tweeted on Feb, 11, 2013 that her boyfriend had a dream that Pope Benedict has retired from his post and some new person named as Fransisco was elected as new pope. Just after 17 days of this tweet, Pope Benedict announced his retirement.

This world is full of mysterious and if you want to find one, you will get thousand, so these were some mysterious predictions, that one doesn’t know that how it come to the predictor’s mind, but just turned out to be true.

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