OMG!! Bear and Cameraman shared a seat!!


OMG!! Bear and Cameraman shared a seat

OMG!! Bear and Cameraman shared a seat

OMG!! Bear and Cameraman shared a seat

Nature is wild for a human being who only watches it on television but actually nature is mysterious or rather unpredictable. Wild animals are always considered as a red signal for human beings as we should be alert about their presence around us as their habitat is instantly decreasing and hence fatal attacks by animals is increasing.

Bear attacks and their meeting with human are very common especially with the people who live around woods and on high grounds but is every bear is dangerous for us. This misconception was questioned by a bear who came to say hi to a cameraman who was watching and capturing in his camera the gathered bears when they were eating their favorite food fish.

Cameraman was busy with his camera and was looking to get some shots of bears which would keep the viewer intact like he is watching them hunt in motion, in this flow cameraman didn’t notice that a brown bear was behind him. Bear was calm as if it was taking a relaxation walk and like that he came near to the cameraman who was looking for some snaps, as he noticed he was shocked as he also had the mentality that bears are dangerous but this bear came with a surprise.

Bear came and stand on his strong paws near the cameraman and looked very relax as if it was standing next to someone he know. He looked around the place, yawned and sat there, the cameraman was amazed about this gesture of bear but didn’t move an inch from his place.

Bear was more relaxed than the cameraman and sat there for a good time and then went back to the way from where it came. Cameraman couldn’t feel a pulse as he just had an encounter with a grown brown bear which is famous for its attacks in countries like US and UK.

He captured it all on camera but he didn’t only capture a rare moment of nature in his camera but rather had proved that bears aren’t furious and dangerous animals, they sometimes imitate as furious but only for either for protection of their area or their children.

If we don’t cut down their habitat so we won’t cross ways and hence could prevent accidents like attacks. Animals are protective and if you don’t mean any harm to them so they won’t attack you and this proof is given by the bear and the cameraman who shared a good seat with each other.

Though they didn’t talk but a friendly visit by a bear is a good sign for human that they aren’t that much threats to us than we are to them. If we protect their habitat and won’t destroy them then more seats will be shared between nature and human. [mashvideo]

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