OMG !! Dead Woman Gives Birth, Truth Can Be Strange


OMG !!  Dead Woman Gives Birth, Truth Can Be Strange:

The World is a strange place to live, with so much diversity to offer, there are so many instances that take place every day which makes it hard to believe.

It was a true incident in which 31-year old Hungarian woman who was pregnant for 15 weeks died due to a stroke. After the stroke, she died instantly and her brain stopped working but according to tests which were conducted on her body proved that the fetus was still alive and healthy.

A team of doctors decided to put the body on the life support machine until the time the baby was ready for caesarean. With the consultation of the family, the name of the woman and sex of the baby was not disclosed.

The baby was delivered by caesarean section at 27 weeks and weighed about 3lbs with respiratory support. It was way ahead of imagination and it happened only 3 times in the history where the mother was declared brain dead and the baby was alive.

Another case of bullying in which a boy named Simon Walters lost his life. Simon was of 14 years, who studied at Heath Park School in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. According to reports, he was tagged as ‘Ginger Schoolboy’ and also dyed his hair to brown to get away from the situation.

Mr. Walters, the father of Simon, informed to launch many complaints about the situation to school authorities but it continued. The day, he came back from the office after doing the night shift in October, he found his son hanging from the fan with music and lights on.

Snapchat is a next generation messaging service which is breaking all the popularity with just 2 years of experience. After acknowledging the success, Facebook offered $ 3 billion to take over the whole company but Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, the owners rejected the offer and stated that they value it for $ 4 million dollars.

The California-based company has no sales or business model but its app delivers around 350 million temporary messages a day. There are many valuable investors in the market and they are looking for the best offer on the table.


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