OMG! This Guy Bath In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce!! Find Out Happen Next


OMG !! This Guy Bath In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce !!

OMG! This Guy Bath In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce!!

OMG! This Guy Bath In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce!!

Don’t think about it, it’s the most rotten decision you can take. However, this YouTube hero deserves a crown for his spicy bath.

This was a video uploaded of Cemre Candar decision to have a bath by getting into a tub packed with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce.

Now you imagine that half a spoon hot sauce can burn your whole mouth, so 1,250 bottles of hot sauce can do ?? simple maths, right.

Now you got to think of that burning liquid covering all your body, this includes the face too. Sound like burning in hell, right?

The funniest thing is that even before he begins filling the tub, he knows it’s going to hurt. But he has had victory swimming in a tub of blended chocolate and Oreos, so he would win this one too.

But still, someone should teach him the difference between hot sauce and chocolate, there’s a huge difference especially when we talk of 1,250 bottles of hot sauce.

Apparently, the brave guy takes a direct dip in his hot sauce bath. You might think he regretted, but he is not that type. To measure his determination, he takes a notch higher, to have some fun eating a whole pepper while in the tub.

Nevertheless, that still didn’t satisfy his confidence, so he dips his entire face in.

Thinking deeper about it, we are attempted to doubt. Maybe because there are whole peppers inside and we know they make things worse. Or maybe because he’s easing himself into the bath and groaning. This sure it’s fun to watch.

Evidently, we’re convinced when comes out from the plunging angry-red fluid. His whole body looks blotchy and burned and then he’s groaning and yelling for a towel.

OMG! This Guy Bath In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce!!

OMG! This Guy Bath In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce!!

Needless to say, we’ve never tried to soak our soaked our entire body in hot sauce, but experts have studied it. Chili peppers contain capsaicin.

One Dr. Joshua Zeichner said this component makes our nerves to fire and send a substance called P that makes us feel the burning.

In addition, it is a very serious threatening life act. Pepper steam has the capabilities of penetrating to the lungs causing a severe damage that can lead to death.

So this is not something to try at home. [mashvideo]

Source: CemreCandar

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