OMG! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet


OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet:

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

There are a number of conspiracy theories which are yet to be proven but there is one from the list which has been linked with every current situation in Hollywood industry.

The Illuminati is a group of individuals who were born to own the world and have full control on media and politicians. Every step or decision taken by any government around the world is influenced by the ideas of illumination and Hollywood too is owned by these individuals.

Sudden and suspicious deaths of many famous personalities have directly linked with them and many of them are considered to be the slaves of this group.

Around the time, many celebrities have been linked with this group either by will or forced to but there is a new name included in the list, Lady Gaga born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, in short, Stefani Germanotta. She was deeply interested in music writing.

The Illuminati carries a symbol which represents the group and Lady gaga has been seen whether it is acting or not but representing the group through symbolism in her latest songs in which she was shown to mind control and absent minded, which gives us something to talk as she was controlled by someone else as a puppet.

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

Mind control is not a new term used as it has been in practice by the name of “Project MK-ULTRA” which ran by the government officials of the US under the presence of CIA. It was a chemical interrogation research program which was started in 1950 which used United States citizens as its test subjects. The program was to manipulate the subject’s mind with the help of a specific drug and other methods so that the brain of the subject can be altered.

It went public in the year 1975 through investigations conducted by the Church committee and by a presidential commission known as the Rockefeller Commission. Under the investigation which was conducted by the church committee, CIA claimed to abandon the project many years ago but in an interview, Marchetti claimed that it is a cover story by the CIA and conducts these experiments on a regular basis.

The project is unofficially referred as “Project Monarch” in which the subject is exposed to trauma and the mind creates a dissociation.

This will change the overall personality of the subject and can be molded and educated by the manipulators depends on their wish. The practice starts when the subjects are exposed to numerous symbols like trees, spider, webs, butterflies, etc. and shown some movies which have these symbols to recognize.

There are many symbols which have been observed in Lady Gaga pictures and videos which indicate the presence of secret societies. Her vacuous, robotic and slightly degenerate persona directs us to a mind control victim.

In her name “Gaga” refers to absent mindedness and there are also other meanings like empty-headed, flighty, frothy, silly, and even dizzy. Her name basically means I’m a lady and I’m empty-headed. This empty head can be filled by manipulators and I will work as a puppet for you. It can also be filled with any crap you want and the state of mind is achieved after successful mind control.

Her name is also inspired by Queen’s song “Radio Gaga” which tells you the story of a woman from the working class chosen by the elite society to give birth to a robot through a mix of science and black magic. 

The robot grows out to be a sexy and alluring performer whose mission was to corrupt the working class. Many of upcoming singers got inspired from the song and the latest one was “Paparazzi” video in which Lady Gaga continued the tradition.

Her Logo

Every celebrity carries a symbol and so do ‘Lady Gaga’ as her logo is a headless female body with a bolt of lightning going through her and exiting her genitals.

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

The headless female is like a mannequin that you will find at a clothing store and the bolt is referred to an external force which has given a life to a dead body.

All-Seeing Eye Symbolism

The secret society “The Illuminati” is about an eye on the pyramid which refers to seeing everything all over the world. In many videos and shows, Stefani or lady Gaga, she has been seen covering one of her eyes which indicate directly towards the society.

Many people are against this as they simply interpret as a cool thing to do or some fashion statement. But there are people who have been studying these practices claimed it to be true and establish some relationships with the society. There are a number of pictures in which she covered her left eye keeping the right one up and bright.

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

There is one special picture of Lady Gaga which confirms the fact that the closed eye is used in the context of esoteric symbolism.

In the picture, her left eye is in her hand which refers to the hand of Fatima (evil eye) and the posture she was in resembles with Baphomet. She represented many shows in which she was dressed to give direct indications and in one she was wearing Baphomet Reminiscent horns and at times she represented her body as a pyramid with an eye on it.

Paparazzi Video

This is the latest edition as this video is loaded with symbolism and the story which describes the fall and the rise to the top of Lady Gaga. In the story, the lady is in a bedroom with her boyfriend and the walls and pattern represent Baphomet.

Later he takes her to the balcony and after noticing there are some people taking pictures with their cameras, the guy started to act strange and gets violent and finally pushes her from the balcony.

The falling of the lady represents hypnotism and hinting the fact that the falling is not physical but it is the first step of mind control. Later she is in the mansion on a wheelchair and gradually takes her clothes off. She slowly starts walking which represent the phase of re-education and acts like a robot with a dress of half white and half black.

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

OMG !! Lady Gaga is The Illuminati Puppet

There are many snap chat videos of behind the scenes of the video in which the director of the video was wearing a Venom shirt with a face of Baphomet and the Sigil of the church of Satan which makes us more curious about it.



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