One Of The Best Motorcycle Stunt Video Clips


One Of The Best Motorcycle Stunt Video Clip

We are living in a world in which wonders never cease. We have seen people perform different breathtaking stunts that only leave some of us wondering if they are real or just a mere hoax. Of course they are real. From bungee jumping, to sky diving, to people eating glasses; and now two highly talented riders performing breathtaking actions in what can be one of the best motorcycle stunt video clips.

Humans are generally adventurous, and we all love doing and watching astonishing things. That’s why we find these kind of videos engaging and entertaining. In this specific video, two brave motorcycle riders take it upon themselves to amaze the world with their daring stunts.

This video begins with the two young men seated on a speeding motorbike. While the bike is in a high speed, the rider pulls the steering to lift the front wheel. With the front wheel hanging in the air, the rear wheel becomes the only part of the bike in contact with the ground. So they end up riding on a single wheel while changing positions and doing some dangerous tricks.

One time a rider lies flat on the motorbike seat with his legs hanging at the rear, while his partner is holding the steering while standing on the rear carrier. Then another time, one man is seated and another one is standing on the rear and holding the steering.

The fact that they are not wearing helmets, or any other protective gear only shows how confident they are with their unique skills. Doing such stunts require that you have motorcycle insurance. Most motorcycle insurance policies require the rider and the passenger to wear protective gear while riding on the insured bike so that in case the motorbike crashes, they take care of certain expenses.

The two stunt artistes in the video show their confidence by even swapping their positions on the bike while it’s running at top speed, on a single wheel.

To perform such thrilling aerobatics, the two riders must have sharpened their skills for quite some time, and with a lot of devotion and commitment. Their balancing is superb, and they are able to ride on a single wheel for a longer distance than imaginable.

While watching the video, you get thrilled at one moment or another, and you’d think for a second that they would hit the tarmac so hard, they won’t get out of the accident alive. But that’s just the effect of a daring stunt, and are likely to feel scared for them. But this is what makes it even more charming to watch.[mashvideo]

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