Oops! Funny Movie Mistakes That Will Make You Say WTF!


Oops! Funny Movie Mistakes That Will Make You Say WTF!

The B-town movies is all time famous for its entertainment quotient, and interesting storylines. However, it is also famous for the committing funny mistakes during the shoot of movies. Media24by7 has presented some all time funniest bollywood movie mistakes. We are surely going to amaze you by these facts.

The movie ‘Hum dil de chuke sanam’ is considered to be the milestone of Indian cinema. However there were few scenes in the movie that made funniest mistake. Do you remember the beautiful scene shot on the Szechenyi Chain Bridge? Actually the bridge is originally situated in hungry, but the duo (Ajay and Aish) went to Italy in order to search Salman. Isn’t that really funny?

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Oops! Funny Movie Mistakes That Will Make You Say WTF!

Do you guys remember Shahrukh’s first date with Kajol in the movie Dil wale dulhaniya lejaenge? This scene was shot in a train, where accidently Kajol’s purse gets open. The actress grab all her things from the floor..Now the question arises from where SRK finds his bra left on the floor? Dear SRK, with your perfect acting skills you should even try to use your brain for making the movie really successful.

There is no doubt about Bazigar being an amazing movie. However the movie had a silly mistake which will certainly make you laugh when you will watch it next time. Do you remember the scene when Shahrukh pushed forward Shilpa; the lady falls down and breaks the entire glass walls. However, when Shahrukh elopes down, the glass wall remains perfect as it was. This was wonderful miracle done by the magician SRK.

You all have certainly watched the movie ‘Bhoot’. Remember the scene when gorgeous Rekha arrives at Ajay’s flat? The lady climbs the stairs wearing beautiful high heels, when she reaches the flat she wears flats. And finally when Rekha leaves the flat, she is again wearing the beautiful high heels. Our team doubts about what kind of game was the bhoot playing with Rekha’s foot wares?

The movie Chalte Chalte is believed to be the real Indian drama. However the movie was a commercial hit. Do you remember the scene when Rani leaves to Spain to get engaged with the man whom her parents had decided? Soon after getting the news SRK rushes to Spain. Have you ever thought how a middle class man gets the Spain visa in a single day? Is there any special policy for the tragic lovers to have visa in one day in order to meet their girlfriends?

Kabhi khusi kabhi gam is another milestone in the Indian cinema. The movie got highly viral around the world. K3g was believed to be one of the best movie bollywood. However, the movie is full of funny blunder.

The movie delivers the scene of 1999, where Mr. Amitabh uses the communicator Nokia9000. Nokia has launched the device in the year 1996. We wonder how Amitabh managed to get the device so early.

Amitabh has a LCD television at his house and LCD computers at his office. Everyone would be stunned to note that the term ‘LCD’ was not even discovered or heard that time, how did Amitabh got it then?

The funniest blunder occurred when Kareena wears a red scarf while leaving for prom night party. However, miracle occurs and when the sexy scarf suddenly turns into red coat when she reaches the party.

Last but certainly not the least. Do you remember the scene when Hritik point outs Kareena’s different sandals, to which the lady replies ‘it’s a fashion’. However, when Kareena reaches the prom, she is wearing beautiful red stilettos. Ouch!! Poor kareena.

These were some funniest blunders from Bollywood movies, for more interesting updates, stay tuned with Media24by7.

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