Orangutan Babysits Tiger Cubs


Orangutan Babysits Tiger Cubs

If you thought that animals have no feelings or are not conscious of their decisions be prepared be be very surprised by this awesomely cute video. Here you can see a grown orangutan babysit tiger cubs with a care and attention of a human babysitter. The visitors of a zoo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, can witness this touching cross species show of affection.

Orangutan has watched human caregivers feed and play with the tiger cubs and has decided to take care of the cubs himself. That’s right, the orangutan is not a female that decided to channel her motherly love to first babies that need it but a grown male orangutan that thought that it would be cool to make friends from the predating species.

Let’s hope that the maturation of tiger cubs will not bring an end to this beautiful friendship and that they will remember the love and care they received from their orangutan “father”. It would be truly great to see that love returned from the grown up tigers.


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