What to do when you’re so overwhelmed by the Trump inauguration


How to manage your consumption of media when you are so overwhelmed by Trump Inauguration as 45th President:

trump inauguration day

trump inauguration day

It is easy to hear and share on media platforms about what’s happening after Trump inauguration that has been shattering the souls in the United States.

There were so many news that shook the nation out of which that have hit the headlines are the pink slips to State Departmental Officials, Muslim ban, and White Supremacist to be filled for the post of Generals.

It is not one’s responsibility to only hear and pass on the information but act at the same time.

Here’s how you can organize the news and make a difference.

  • Follow one news: Read and act on what’s important than reading every news that comes your way on The new York Times, The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal. Follow the news that if you act on can make a difference.
  • Follow Activists on Twitter and Facebook: While journalists play the role of keeping the nation informed of happening without adding any emotion to it, activists keep the nation alarmed of the insight in the news by awakening the spirit in one to take a stand.
  • Know the number of calls you make to the representatives: Stop calling everyone randomly without understanding the purpose of the call. Service like “Five Calls” tells you exactly whom to call and when to.
  • Join what’s in the system and grow stronger: Joining a group that you don’t know much about is a road taken with no direction. It is good to join a group in your area that is already strong and doing the activity appropriately. It can be any trivial task that you can help with. Your final goal is achieved.
trump inauguration

trump inauguration

  • Celebrate every victory with the resistance of antiTrump: The victory of the resistance group you have joined can be really not so big but don’t lose hope. Celebrate it with pomp so that you are noticed.
  • Follow the news that is not overwhelming: There are many news channels like CNN and radio channels like Sirius Radio. Avoid following them as they know their job of giving a shock to people very well. Follow PBS news hour and NPR instead. They will have a neutral approach to each of the news.
  • Don’t compromise on sleep: No matter what’s happening, unhook yourself of all the social media infection like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc. that are loaded with information. You need a good sleep because the news will still be there the next day.
  • Eat whatever you like: Healthy eating is the mantra that people follow these days but if junk food or any unhealthy food keeps you sane, then go for it.
  • Donate in installment: Well, we know you love to donate for causes that are making news but is it going to the right people. Make sure to be choosy after a good research and let the organization deduct from your account every month.
  • Shout out Loud: If joining a bunch of like-minded people can shake the confidence in Trump, there is no harm in shouting your lungs out even if it makes no sense.
  • Minus Fear from Reality: Although Trump has signed a number of orders that are instilling fear in people; don’t react as they have not been executed yet. It is the time that will speak.
  • You are not alone: In your stand, you are not alone; there are many leaders who are with you. Maxine Waters is the one who called Republicans as “demons”. Well, what do you say about it?

There are a number of people with you. You need to find the one you need to follow and disassociate from others who are on the path for the heck of it.

Source: Mashable

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