Pamela Anderson and rumors: We can’t get enough of it


Pamela Anderson and rumors – We can’t get enough of it:

Rumors and Pamela Anderson are partners in crime and Pamela has been in the news for one reason or the other. Her boldness amalgamated with bold publicity stunts make any eyebrow raised.

We all love our Baywatch star “Pamela Anderson” and her in all the possible ways. She has been in the limelight for all the wrong and right reasons. But being a celebrity she has been a paparazzi pick all the while. Since the series Baywatch has been aired, she is being stalked at each occasion and her personal and professional life has been publicized. Recently she was in a few discussions with many different people from the various industries.

Pamela Anderson and rumors

Pamela Anderson and rumors

Let us look at a few recent updates on her take over the issues happening in and around.

  • Pamela Anderson has been rumored to have an affair with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He finally opened about this and said that he likes her. He broke the spell over a radio interview and said that he is attracted to her impressive figure. He stopped himself into spilling out the beans of discussing the minute details but was head over heels and had fallen for her. She is a person who knows how to handle her career all by herself. On this, the Baywatch star did not deny it at all and said she likes spending time with Assange.


  • The next update in line is when Pamela Anderson penned down a letter to the then President Barrack Obama about stopping the investigations against the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who is also rumored to be in an affair with her.
  • But she clearly stated in her letter which she published on her website and said that the government should stop painting Julian as the bad guy who had been done and that he was innocent on the issue which led to the Presidential elections.
  • It was said that Donald Trump had benefited from these email leaks which made the competitor Hillary Clinton lose the elections and this was shared on Wikileaks; from where all this started.
Pamela Anderson and Bark Obama

Pamela Anderson and Bark Obama

With all these rumors and updates doing the rounds Pamela Anderson has been the center of attraction and has also been fueling the air with her concerns for Julian Assange’s health and bringing him vegan meals when in London on a regular basis.


Source: news18

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