People Around The World With Highest IQ


People Around The World With Highest IQ

‘It is highly subjective to judge someone’s intelligence. However, the IQ score of the person can help us judge about his smartness and intelligence. Here we are listing below the people across the globe with highest IQ ranking, who are considered to be the most brilliant human beings in the world.

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Stephen William Hawking: This is the most recognized name among the list of people with highest IQ level. Stephen is renowned for his excellent research in the field of theoretical physics; the man has also authored some amazing books that help us to get connected with the universe in a better manner. Stephen has got IQ score of 160. He has received 14 awards for his excellent memory and recognizing power. You would be amazed to know that Stephen is the author of 14 bestselling books.

Kim-UNG-Yong: Readers would be stunned to note that the Guinness book of world records has listed Kim as the man having highest confirmed IQ level in the world. Kim has an IQ score of 210. At the age of two years, Kim amazed his parents by speaking 4 languages fluently.  At the age of four years, the boy was completely able to get admission in higher secondary school. Further at the age of 8 years, Kim was invited by the NASA to study at American institute. He got a lot of success while working for NASA as a teen agent.

Paul Allen: Paul serves as the co founder of Microsoft. He is considered as the world’s most successful personality in turning the brain power into riches. He has been ranked as 48th riches person of the globe. Paul has the IQ score of 170 and the man has also been successful in scoring the perfect 1600 in the SAT.  You would be amazed to know that Paul earns a net worth about 142 billion.

Rick Rosner: The television writer Rick, who has recently worked for the movie Jimmy Kimmel, has an IQ score of about 192. Rick’s amazing resume includes qualities such as roller skating waiter, nude model and a good bouncer also.

Garry Kasparov: Garry successfully holds the record of youngest undisputed world chess champion. The man won this title at the age of 22. However; the man has now dedicated his highly precious time to politics and writing. Garry has an IQ score of about 190. He is the leading founder of united civil world, even ran to be president of Russia. In the year 2005,

Terrance Tao: Readers would be stunned to know that at the age of 2, Tao was perfectly able to calculate the arithmetical sums. The man has won the IQ score of about 230. Further at the age of 9, he took classes for college level math courses. At the age of 20, Tao completed his PHD from Princeton.  His success journey didn’t stopped here, at the age of 22; Tao became the youngest permanent professor at UCLA. He also becomes the youngest participant to take part in international mathematic Olympiad.

These were some fresh updates about world’s most intelligent beings and their professional lives. For more information, stay connected with Media24by7.

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