Pirates Fan Ends Up With A Face Full Of His Own Nachos


Pirates fan ends up with a face full of his own nachos

Pirates fan ends up with a face full of his own nachos

Can I hear you laughing at the headline, well! that was the reaction of most of spectators who saw the spectacle? Two women in the audience even tried to click pictures. This particular incident took place on Aug 10 match between the Pirates and San Diego Padres at Pittsburgh.

This Pirate fan was caught on camera lunging at the foul ball. The Pirates fan lunged forward to catch the foul ball. This ball was hit by Pirates player Jung Ho Kang. Not only did the man miss the ball but ended up tossing his plateful of nachos with Salsa sauce into his own face.

The fan didn’t end up with a wasted T-shirt, the Pirates gave him a replacement T-shirt. The Pirates team didn’t allow the man’s enthusiasm go waste. They tweeted with a picture of the man, a new T-shirt and a fresh plate of nachos. The team tweeted, Good effort dude.

The man also had a glass of beer in his hand which went flying in another direction.

What happened accidentally has the media in throes of laughter, practically every channel is covering the spectacle, laughing at the man throwing the plate of nachos into his own face.

Besides this another interesting piece of news associated with this spectacle happened in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas Nacho joint, appropriately named Nachos Daddy, offers the man a year’s supply of free nachos at the Vegas joint.

The Owner saluted the valiant effort of the Pirates fan and said that though the they might be a thousand miles away; the fan could avail of the generous offer whenever he came this side. He also offered the fan to call Nacho Daddy on 702-778-7800 to redeem his prize. I call this one nachos plate that did not go waste. That was a really funny incident, nachos, salsa, beer and everything on the man’s face. [mashvideo]

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