Aircraft near collision and unusual incident compilation caught on camera


Near Misses and Close Calls! Some of the Most Epic Plane Crash Fails You’ll Ever See

If you love airplane videos or looking up plane crash info online, you won’t want to miss this wild compilation of some of the closest calls and mishaps those who take to the skies experience now and then.

We all know that flying is a safe mode of transportation and pilots are highly skilled at what they do; but that doesn’t mean things always go to plan! In this plane crash compilation video you’ll witness bumps, scrapes and other odd occurrences that can happen with planes and helicopters of all varieties.

Mistakes Can Happen

Take for example the Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopter who seems a bit confused. Why does he have his chopper near the taxiway, anyways? Thankfully the small plane involved moved past him in time. It could have been worse!

Or how about the gigantic Tunisair Airbus that made an awful landing, including a tailstrike ? While it wasn’t quite a plane crash, it certainly wouldn’t have been one of the proudest moments in that pilot’s career.

Another “oops” moment was caught on tape when the parking brake of a Delta Boeing 747 was released too early! While the plane begins to roll towards the gate, staff on the ground scatter before it thankfully comes to a stop. Can you imagine that plane crash news? “Plane rolls into gate!”

In this video you’ll also witness some hairy moments that are too close for comfort. Whether it’s other planes getting incredibly near, or pilots coming a little too close to the ground, everyone involved was surely left breathless. Don’t miss their cockpit views of near misses that could have easily become plane crash videos. Thankfully they weren’t.

Unstable Helicopters

More clips in this compilation video are sure to appeal to anyone who likes helicopters. They’re an effective more of air transportation in the right conditions! But for those just learning to fly, they can tip and dive in all sorts of directions – or even nearly roll over! I wonder if they have airsickness bags on board?

This is Why They Test

One of the longest clips in this plane crash fail compilation involves an Airbus A340 undergoing an OEM certification test. Thankfully the pilot aborted takeoff, as several explosions begin to cause fires and everyone is scrambling to resolve the issue. What could have been heart wrenching plane crash news thankfully turns into just a few minutes of panic on the ground. If planes and helicopters fascinate you, whether you like fighter jets, commercial airliners or small choppers, this video is definitely worth checking out. You might cringe a few times, but thankfully everything for these pilots was alright in the end!


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