Plane Crash Shoot By Lodi Skydiver With His GoPro


Plane Crash Shoot By Lodi Skydiver With His GoPro

Plane Crash's But Lodi Skydivers Escaped Unharmed

Thursday May 12th 2016 at 2:15 pm was a tragic day for the people of San Joaquin County. A single-engine Cessna 208 plane crashed on the Lodi vineyard and flipped upside down after clipping on the nearby truck. The drastic accident was caught by Sebastian Alvarez who was wearing a helmet mounted GoPro. 17 passengers survived the plane crush. The pilot got injured by getting a bloody nose. The truck driver and his wife escaped unharmed.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave a report that after the plane had left skydiving school’s parachute center at Lodi airport in San Joaquin county, it began to experience problems. The plane was flying too low for the sky divers to jump out of the plane. The pilot was trying to turn back to the parachute center before the incident occurred.

When the workers in the vineyard heard the crush, they rushed to rescue the sky diver from the plane. The owner of the parachute center gave a statement. Where he said he did not know what went wrong with the plane. He claims that the plane was well maintained and was actively involved in the sport for a while.

He promised to look into the matter to prevent such incidents in the future. The plane crash cost the Lodi vineyard a lot of loss by crushing some of the grape trees. The plane crush also cost the truck driver his and his wife a brand new truck.

Everyone was thankful to have survived the accident unharmed. Although the plane crush made the passengers of the plane crash shocked, but they did not cancel their planned sky driving activities. By around 20 minutes some of the sky divers were back on the air and ready to continue with their day. It was a day that many would not forget!! [mashvideo]

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