Plane crash in airport when take off landing watch what happens


Plane crash in airport when take off landing watch what happens

Over the years, there have been countless airplane crashes. Thousands and thousands of people have lost their dear lives in plane crashes. Some of these crashes were recorded. It is possible to watch videos of some of these airplane crashes since they are available on YouTube.

One of the recent airplane crashes that has ever occurred, was the Air France Concorde Flight 4590 which killed a total of 113 people. A fire broke out at the back of the Concorde plane as it took off and hence it crashed moments later. Just as the plane was taking off at the airport, there was a blast on the left side at the back of the plane. Although this weakens the plane for a little bit, the plane continues moving forward and takes off. It ascends and flies not very high from the ground, leaving along trail of black smoke. if you have watched geographical videos of a comet passing across the sky, then you do have a clue of the picture. Too bad this time it is not a comet emitting smoke, but a real plane. Because of the huge mass of black smoke, the plane looked like a white dove flying upwards.

Watching the video of this sad accident just leaves chills in your body. Thinking about the fate of those that are inside the plane as it is fierce burning is the worst part. The Concorde crash is one of the most touching airplane crashes today. The plane didn’t just crash in a second. As the plane continued moving, so did the fire. All you can see is a ball of fire at the back rapidly spreading to the right side and then to the middle. Since the Concorde flight was in motion, the wind just made the fire grow more and more. Minutes later, there was a slight tilt on the plane. It started going down and before it could reach the ground, it had blasted, and burnt out completely. Even though fire fighters were immediately at the scene to put out the fire, it was too late as 113 people were already dead. So sad. this is one of the most deadliest airplane crashes to have ever occured.


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