Pokemon GO: Area 51’s Newest Conspiracy Uncovered


Pokemon GO: Area 51’s Newest Conspiracy Uncovered

Pokemon GO Area 51’simage courtesy holy kaw

It has been said that Area 51, located in New Mexico, US, is home to some of the greatest conspiracy theories in history. Little did I imagine that they would jump back into the spotlight for a conspiracy that has proven true, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in the past week.

Pokemon GO has taken the US, Europe, the UK and Asia by storm – if someone is staring down at their phone in this day and age, chances are they’re not chatting to someone but trying to hunt down the Pokemon in their line of vision. These elusive creatures are mostly discovered by national/local landmarks which makes sense – these would be areas that attract visitors on a daily basis so keeping a steady supply on hand would prove fruitful.

Now I pose a question: What about the areas that are designated off-limits to ordinary citizens ? Perhaps a prison *think Prison Break Pokemon GO style!* or maybe an army base ?

Interestingly enough I decided to check around and happened upon a few brave souls who decided to make the trek to the infamous base. He who ventures forth into the unknown shall become a champion to all who behold him…or some such notion. Anyway, conqueror or not, these pioneers go forth and seek new adventures via Pokemon GO in the hopes of achieving the ultimate title, Master Trainer, while we mere mortals were probably grinding away at the common PokeStops and PokeGyms roundabouts the same time.

Pokemon GO Area 51’s

We know Area 51 will have security of the highest order and this meant loss of signal for the trainers seeking new grounds to claim as their own. Since Pokemon GO works off your GPS, if you have no signal, you cannot connect and see what lies around you. This poses a challenge but remember, if you’re at Area 51, you’re already thinking out of the box when it comes to new ways and means to capture Pokemon.

Let’s think of Area 51 as a square – if one side of the square does not give us what we need, we move to the next and so on. Ultimately since this is a landmark and albeit, an extremely famous one, what would you expect to find even with dodgy signals ? Empty PokeGyms, adequate PokeStops inhabited by the lonely tumbleweed – the imagination runs wild with possibility, and from what those particular trainers found, I’d say it’s a treasure trove of the digital gaming age!!

One thing is certain – the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. We push onwards and try any means to break through barriers and obstacles in our pursuit of knowledge, power, whatever captures your fancy to be honest.

Pokemon GO: Area 51, a conspiracy no more…[mashvideo]

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