Poor Leopard Gets Its Head stuck in Steel Pot must watch what happen in next


Poor Leopard Gets Its Head stuck in Steel Pot must watch what happen in next

In a YouTube video that is fit for an animal planet commercial, a leopard gets its head stuck in a steel pot. It is something you will rarely see so it deserves to be on National Geographic. It was most likely taken using the best video camera phone around because the quality is good. This is something that will spread over the Internet in a short span of time. Don’t expect it to be made into a Hollywood movie though as that would be foul treatment for the leopard.The leopard is in dire need of some treatment but everyone is just staring at it. One of them looks like he is about to bring out his HD camera in order to record the leopard’s embarrassing moment. It is not know how his head got stuck in the steel pot though. One of the men staring at it could have put it there.

Sometimes, stories DO come to life….watch this leopard’s plight as it get its head stuck in a pot

We often dismiss fiction as something which is not real. But sometimes it is fiction that in fact surprises us becoming reality in ways we can barely imagine.Watch this unintentionally heart touching viral video – which will feel like one of your old grandma’s tales just came to life – where this leopard, looking for a drink of water, got its head stuck in a pot and struggled for several hours.Escaped from a nearby sanctuary, the leopard was strolling about in the mining village of Sardul Kheda in Rajasthan, India searching for a cool drink of water.

Finally locating a pot of water with some water at the bottom, the leopard put its head in to quench its thirst, but thereafter could not get it out! The wild animal struggled for what would be several hours – while bystanders continued to click photos and take videos – until the Rajasthan Forest Department officials came to its rescue, first by tranquilizing and then removing the pot from the head.The animal was then taken to a nearby medical facility outside the village. The forest department further declared that the animal’s health was thoroughly checked and that it was in perfect health.The video has subsequently been very popular on social media and search engines worldwide.


(Courtesy : YouTube)

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