You Probably Didn’t Realize These Famous Movies Were Actually Banned


You Probably Didn’t Realize These Famous Movies Were Actually Banned

Check out the highly controversial films of B-town that were banned by the censor board for their content, storyline and language.

Kissa Kursi Ka:controversial-movies

The movie starring Shabana Azmi and Raj Babbar was allegedly a satire on the politics of Indira Gandhi and her dear son Sanjay Gandhi. The movie revealed about aforementioned political leaders from Congress during the Emergency period in India. After the production was completed and the movie was all set to be released, its posters were confiscated by the Government from Censor Board office. Sources say that the posters of the movie were burnt somewhere in Gurgaon.


The movie Firaaq was based on Gujarat riots. Sources revealed that Nandita Das’s directorial venture hurt the sentiments of two major religious groups of Gujarat. All such controversies resulted in the film getting banned in Gujarat. However; the movie still braved the ban and won higher accolades around the globe.

Bandit Queen:Bandit_Queen_1994_film_poster

The movie Bandit Queen was based on the life of Phoolan Devi. The film was directed by Shekhar Kapoor. However; the censor board felt that the Indian audiences would not appreciate such excellent biopic and the movie may further lead to play poor controversies in the country. The film was banned because of its content and poorly abusive language. Phoolan Devi’s complaint against the director and producer was also another controversial reason why the movie became talk of the town.


Water was the film directed by Deepa Mehta and written by Anurag Kashyap. Water revolved around the plight of widows in a certain ashram in Varanasi. The movie revealed about the dark and poor condition of widows living in the rural areas. The film was not appreciated by censor board as they felt that the scenes were too bold for the Indian audiences to handle. The crew of movie was even attacked by the protestors in order to ban the film. In order to show their rage, around 2000 people destroyed the sets of movie. With all such issues, the movie was remade and was named as ‘river moon’.

Kama Sutra- A tale of love:kama-sutra-A tale of love

The movie revealed the story of land from where the art of love making originated. The movie was directed by Mira Nair. However; it was badly shunned by the Censor Board as they felt that the film has explicit content that is very bold for the Indian audiences to handle. The film’s plot revolved around the love life of couples living in 16th century but was poorly deemed to be highly immoral for the Indian audiences.


The film revealed the story of a boy ‘Azhar’ who was lost during the Gujarat riots, it also show cased the struggle of boy in order to search his missing family. However, the Political parties made a great protest against its screening as the movie had scenes of Gujarat riots. The movie didn’t release in Gujarat even though it received several National Awards for its brilliant storyline and performances.


The film ‘Paanch’ faced an unnecessary ban from the Censor Board. Sources reveal that the film was based on the Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders in 1997. A lot of violence and drug abuse were shown in the film that made it immoral for the Indian audiences. Censor board even revealed that a lot of abusive language was used by the characters that were difficult for the average Indian person to handle. Panch was never released, however; who so ever managed to watch it appreciated Anurag’s excellent direction in the film.

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