Proof that angels are real?


Proof that angels are real?

Recent videos revealed a real life fallen angel has fallen from the sky in London. It appeared to be an elderly woman with large wings as arms. It happened on July 27, 2015 in the afternoon in London, England. Some people believe this could be a message about Eternal Life, and the meaning of the afterlife. It is also a sign of Christian life, and the significance of our daily life too. It was noted that she was rushed away by men in suits and sunglasses, which is reminiscent of the movie “Men in Black”.

angel 1

It has also been noted that the skin was made of silicone, and not human flesh. In addition, the wings appeared to be plucked. The “old woman” seems to be sleeping peacefully, and she was created by Chinese artists Sun Yuan Peng Yu from Peking, China. Some people are debating if this is real or fake, but others are choosing to take it as a sign from God, and as a meansto restore our faith in mankind.


(Courtesy : YouTube)

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