Psy Sweeps Fans off their Feet With New Hit Song Daddy Play music video


Psy Sweeps Fans off their Feet With New Hit Song Daddy Play music video

Psy does it Again in Incredible Style !From the creative mind that gave us the modern pop hit popularly known as Gangnam Style, Psy has done it again with yet another crazy music video. Whether it’s the popular dance moves or videos that are simply out of this world, you can trust Psy music to deliver. Typical of his music, you never know what to expect until he bombards the music charts with shocking viral video.

The entertainment scene is full of highly addictive content designed to keep you glued on to your screen. The pop artist has undoubtedly mastered the art of creativity and a unique touch to each and every one of his videos. This particular youtube video is titled Daddy and is by far the weirdest track that you will ever see. You can watch the video and be intrigued as Psy releases horrifying brilliant video that will have you itching to learn the newest dance move in town.

This is one of the craziest videos that have ever been posted on YouTube. In addition to being a musical genius, Psy is also the master of disguise since he takes up several characters all through the video as he tells a story. It begins as a young Psy is being born in the hospital and yes, as you would expect, he comes out singing. In school, he makes all the girls restless as he bedazzles them with his fancy moves as while telling them that he got his body from his daddy. We see multiple versions of Psy as he plays both a young man and an old man who can really get down to the beat. The youtube video is wrought with comedy scenes that will have ribs cracking with laughter. The song is definitely a champion in the list of top videos and has a very catchy tune as well as a brand new trendy dance move that has become an extremely entertaining trademark of Psy.


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