Five Questions we have been waiting to ask Netflix’s Stranger Things: Season 2


Five Questions we have been waiting to ask “Stranger Things”-Season 2:

Five Questions we have been waiting to ask “Stranger Things”-Season 2

The only thing that we know about Season 2 of Stranger Things is that it will be aired during be aired on Halloween. Although we are excited about the season, we have several things to know from the upcoming season.

I am sure; everyone waiting to watch the season will have five questions in their mind for sure. We have been waiting for Stranger Things Reviews and we can wait for the Season 2 to begin.

Five questions to ask “Stranger Things”

  • Where’s Eleven?

Everyone definitely wants to know where Eleven is. Stranger Things Millie Brown known as Eleven had risked her life to combat the faceless creature. Towards the end of the episode, Jim Hopper or David Harbour drops off Eggos which are Eleven’s favorite, in the far woods. Stranger Things trailer of the new season shows Eleven in an unexpected situation. Where is Eleven? And why does she need Eggos if she needs them?

  • How’s Will doing?

In the Trailer that is out, Will doesn’t seem to be doing great. Will is seen going through a neurological test with his mom Joyce. Everyone is expecting if Will is trying to revert to the normalcy which is quite impossible. Let’s keep it to Stranger Things theories to reveal.

  • Will there be more monsters like that shown in the Upside Down?

The Upside Down had many monsters for the viewers to enjoy and be excited about. It is not too sure if the same will be showcased in the new Stranger Things season 2. The spider image shown in the trailer is making people curious of monsters in this season too. People are up for more darkness.

Five Questions we have been waiting to ask “Stranger Things”-Season 2

  • Will Barb get the justice?

Season 1 was epic pertaining to the movement #JusticeforBarb after she was killed by the Demogorgon. Although she had appeared for a short duration, yet her appeal had been tremendous. Harbour was apprehensive on answering everything about Barb in Season 2 but he did give a few hints.

  • Who is the Lost Brother?

The Duffer Brothers- Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer revealed the episodes’ names. Everyone is wondering “who us the Lost Brother?” Let’s take a look at the names of the episodes.

Episode 1(Madmax), Episode 2 (The Boy who came back to life), Episode 3 (The Pumpkin Patch), Episode 4 (The Palace), Episode 5 (The Storm), Episode 6 (The Pollywog), Episode 7 (The Secret Cabin), Episode 8 (The Brain) and Episode 9 (The Lost Brother).

People are in love with Stranger Things’ Cast. Hope this season is as exciting as the first one.


Source: Netflix US & Canada

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