With Massive Rain Blood Flowing Down Dhaka’s Street


With Massive Rain Blood Flowing Down Dhaka’s Street In Eid

With Massive Rain Blood Flowing Down Dhaka's Street In Eid

Festivals are the life for people of every religion, it gives you something new to do and new to experience. Every person waits for festivals with a great enthusiasm and excitement. People prepare food, new clothes and everything. But can anyone think a bad , non-productive and violent side of these widely celebrated festivals.

Today we are here to explain the same, on Tuesday Islam religion had a festival EID-UL-ZUHA in which Islamic people have the tradition to cut the animals like cows in the sacrifice to their god AllAH.

In Dhaka on this day people cut down so many animals that the roads were full of blood which not only violent but also unhygienic.

Violence is bad , they cut down the creatures which can’t speak and completely innocent which shakes it and lift to the idea of inhumanity. It’s not in against of religion Islam but which God asked for the life of any innocent.

Animal sacrifices as part of the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha have combined with rain in Dhaka to form rivers of blood in the streets of the capital of Bangladesh that is Dhaka.

Poor drainage in the city makes flooding a regular fact of Dhaka life. But the problem got worse on Tuesday, after thousands of sheep, goats and cows were slaughtered.

One of the two holiest events in the Muslim calendar, Eid al-Adha commemorates the willingness of the prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son at God’s request. Authority in Dhaka said they had established hundreds of designated sacrifice spots in the present to the festival to make it easier to clean away blood and animal carcass.

Diseases are the main risk to the place by the blood, you never know what can strike you at what time. After this global news people didn’t take any stand nor looked and tried to understand the logic’s, facts and truths but criticized the religion which is in present is not right.

Islam doesn’t talk about violence that’s why people have to go to the past again to understand and for the proper sense of the Quran’s principles.

What happens when millions of people in a city with poor infrastructure ceremonially sacrifice animals before a torrential monsoon shows no mercy. Blood River was flowing there.

On Tuesday, Bangladeshis celebrated Eid al-Adha — known in South Asia as “bakri eid” or “goat eid” for the animals most commonly sacrificed as an offering to God, commemorating Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice blood of his own son. It is one of the holiest days on the Islamic calendar and in contrast to it does so much Violence and unhygienic as consequences.

With Massive Rain Blood Flowing Down Dhaka's Street In Eid

It is customary to divide the meat of the sacrificial animals equally between family, friends and the poor

As forecast by the meteorological office, Eid morning on Tuesday began with heavy rain which continued till the evening without any disturbance . Despite the pouring, Dhaka’s citizens went to say their Eid prayers( namaz) in the morning and sacrificed their animals.

As rainwater built up on the roads of Dhaka and flooded many areas of the Dhaka it got mixed with the blood of sacrificed animals to create an unusual and scary scene; it appeared as though there were red rivers running across the city.

Citizens have strongly criticized the cleaning commission in charge for sacrificial waste for this situation.

News from the first day and the criticism was here in words:-

“Smuggling of cattle from India to Bangladesh through porous borders may be illegal but slaughtering the same animals on the behest of religion to the extent of wasting their blood on to the streets where the streets turn red due to slaughter of humanity invites no punishment and is fully legal”.

This act portrays the epitome of humanity in modern times.

On the auspicious occasion of Eid al- Adha, rainwater flowed on the roads of Dhaka and flooded many areas of the capital as it got mixed with the blood to create an unusual and disturbing scene; it appeared as though there were red rivers running across the city. Citizens have strongly criticized the two city corporations in charge of cleaning the sacrificial waste for this situation.

People from every corner of the country started to comment on this disturbing riot of Animal Slaughter. Many questioned that the Corporations like McDonald’s, KFC, etc. are selling meat to earn profit and all love them.

Muslims sacrifice the goat to feed the poor, and are questioned. Equally, it is true that Hindus, both of lower and upper castes, in many parts of India do eat beef. Nevertheless, Hindu religious sensibilities involving cows have led to riots and controversies. Over the past year, cow vigilantes have beaten up people engaged in transporting cows and beef. One of the reasons beef has become a political issue is also because the cow vigilantes form the support base of a political party.”

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