Rakhi Sawant’s Friend Slapped The Director On Stage Accusing Casting Couch


Rakhi Sawant’s Friend Slapped The Director On Stage Accusing Casting Couch

Actress Rakhi Sawant added a new jewel to her crown of the controversial girl when a friend of her slapped the director of an upcoming movie ‘Mumbai Can’t Dance Saala’. Rakhi’s friend Manisha has accused the director Sachendra Sharma of demanding ‘favours’ from her. The director has challenged the claim, saying it is just a ‘publicity stunt’.

 Stage Accusing

Music release of the movie was taking place in suburban five-star hotel and suddenly Rakhi’s friend came forward and slapped the director.
Manisha addressed the media saying ‘Sharma asked her for compromises. I’m Rakhi’s friend and I’ve visited the movie set many time.” Controversial actress Rakhi Sawant’s friend assaulted Sachindra on stage. In response, Sharma beat up the girl publically.  Later Rakhi’s friend lodged a complaint in Santacruz police station accusing casting couch.

The police started the investigation into the matter. At the other side Sharma’s wife filed a cross complaint against the girl. Witnesses say that Rakhi’s friend accused the director in cutting the scenes, photographs in the movie and casting couch.

Rakhi Sawant’s loud mouth statement surprised everyone. Talking about her friend Manisha, Rakhi said, “Yes, she is absolutely right, Sharma asked her for favours to get role in this film.”

Rakhi is quite famous for her bold attitude and controversies. Controversies and Rakhi go hand in hand. Don’t know why, but people say that Rakhi can do anything for media’s attention. It is up to you readers. What do you think? Why does she fall into controversies? Do you think that the recent incident is just a publicity stunt for being in the light?
Well the FIR is lodged and both the girls and director are waiting for some serious action.

Apart from Rakhi Sawant, Ashima Sharma, Aditya Pancholi, Shakti Kapoor and Prashant Narayan are in the movie. The movie is expected to be released next month.

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