Real Incidents That Will Haunt Your Dreams But You’ll Read


Real Incidents That Will Haunt Your Dreams But You’ll Read



Can you imagine a man who can eat anything even the live creatures in order to satisfy his hunger? Yes we will disclose something very special regarding this. Studies state that during the mid period of 18th century, the scientists found a man with deadly appetite that was never satisfied. In order to study about this, people offered him the food prepared for approx 15 peoples. The man ate the complete food and still he was hungry. Isn’t it really scaring? When he was asked to reveal something more about this, he told the people that he can even eat live dogs and cats when he is hungry. Once he had also eaten a toddler.

Dyatlov Pass:

Dyatlov Pass incident

Have you read the story of nine hikers who were totally disappeared in Dyatlov Pass? This incident took place in 1959 in the state of Russia. During their camping, once they left their campsite uncovered and the whole mess happened with this.  You will surely be stunned to know that tents of those appeared to have been ripped open. However, their bodies showed no signs of struggle. People living near to the area still believe that some sort of deadly paranormal activities were performed to do all this.

Flat Wood Monsters:


Ever explored about the flat wood monsters? Yes their specimens were found in the past years.  It is being believed by the people that three boys had discovered this monster being. Studies were performed in order to know more about such creatures, which proved that such flat wood monsters are descended to the earth, and they are completely surrounded by the cloud of mist. Rumors state that those three boys who breathed in this mist faced a lot of physical disabilities further. They even fell unconscious for more than a week.


Shadow Person:

Shadow Person

Are you scared of shadow? We feel it is the most haunted moment when you see someone’s shadow in the midnight. However, we will make you a bit scared by revealing about the Shadow man. People all over the world have a belief that there is a shadow man, who apparently loves to visit the unsuspecting people in night. However, we cannot put a confirming stamp over it but we can advise you to stay a bit aware during the midnights.

Premature Burial:

premature burial

No one can deny the fact that the death bodies are highly terrifying. Some people even avoid visiting the funerals, as they cannot see the death bodies. But can you imagine how scary it would be if the alive ones are buried in order to offer them premature burial? Really haunting, however; it is true. Some countries followed such deadly rituals.


Clinton Road:


Are you aware of the Clinton road? This is apparently considered to be the most haunted road of the world. This is situated in United States, where it is common for the people to experience the deadly incidents like ghost sighting, witch gathering and a lot of bizarre creatures.  Actually we can say that the road is the home place of a lot of threatening and heart cracking incidents.


With all this, we humbly advice our readers to stay aware and secure at every point, as you never know what the destiny has decided for you in the next moment.

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