Terrifying Train accident in a railroad crossing crash


Terrifying Train accident in a railroad crossing crash

A collision of Truck and Passenger train in the early hours of Czech city of Frydek-Mistek grabbed attention today. A Truck driver who was driving his truck tried to jump the red flashing light at a railroad crossing. His effort proved in vain as his truck collided with a passing passenger train.

According to a news report a YouTube video grabs showed that the train accident happened on Friday morning at 7.38 a.m. It was an early morning as usual. The train accident happened because the truck driver ignored the flashing signals and he tried to jump the red signal. In the meanwhile, from the opposite side one Ostrava bound passenger train with 80 people on board was approaching. This passenger train collided with the truck, and the truck was divided into two halves. The truck driver was injured in the accident he has been admitted to the hospital and according to news, will be questioned further over the accident. Although no passenger casualties were reported on the passenger train, this train accident brings back the concern regarding signal rules to be followed.

The city council released images and footage of the horrifying incident on its page, to warn other drivers to be alert and drive cautiously while following signal rules.


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