Recent Study says that Artificial Intelligence can Detect Skin Cancer at par with Dermatologist


Recent Study says that Artificial Intelligence can Detect Skin Cancer at par with Dermatologist:

While dermatologists are the experts in detecting skin cancer, a new study says that AI too can detect skin cancer shortly.

Artificial Intelligence was trained by a team of researchers at the Stanford University to know more about the potential. The training was more to make the AI like any other human being. Training of this order is aimed to make the AI be able to detect skin cancer as good as the dermatologists can.

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Study says AI can detect skin cancer as well as a dermatologist

The shocking finding was first published by the researchers in the journal called “Nature”. The finding began with the training of neural network in identifying almost 2000 conditions of skins. For this, they used approximately 129,450 photos with those skin conditions. The researchers succeeded in their mission of training of neural network. The neural network was able to detect and recommend specific treatments.

After this, when they showed the samples to dermatologists in hospitals to check their diagnosis and recommendations, they were taken aback to know that AI performed at the same level as that of the dermatologists.

This is when the realization emerged that AIs can detect skin cancer in near future. Sebastian Thrun, of Stanford’s AI Lab, said, “We realized it was feasible, not just to do something well, but as well as a human dermatologist”.

The researchers are positive that the technology can be applied outside the lab with its application on smartphones. Doing this, can help people take the test at home without stepping out. This will bring about a change in the field of medical science. However, more research and concrete facts need to be checked before the application can be used by dermatologists as well as patients.

With a few conflicts in bringing the application to use the way, researchers have thought it to be is enough enthusiasm for devising a technology that will bring about a change.

If the vision of the researchers comes to real, people will be carrying supercomputers in their pocket. Are we waiting for such change?



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