Record Breaking Dive Coaster open on 2016 to Cedar Point


Record Breaking Dive Coaster open on 2016 to Cedar Point

Cedar Point amusement park in Sundusky, Ohio, known as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” will soon open an exhilarating new ride which is billed as the tallest, fastest and longest dive roller coaster in the world. The ride is themed on “Valravn”, a mythical bird of Danish folklore. The train riding atop a tubular steel track climbs to a dizzying height of 223 feet. At the top, the train perches itself at the edge of a 90 degree drop giving passengers a panoramic view of the park and the coastline from 18 stories high and a brief moment to contemplate the heart-pounding moments ahead.

The train then makes a head-spinning drop reaching a blistering 75 miles per hour, its top speed. The train then enter a loop before rising to make a second drop. The 3415 feet long burnt orange-colored track features two drops and 3 inversions, including a final 270 degree corkscrew turn. Valravn will be the 8th roller coaster running at Cedar Point amusement park and is set to break four amusement park records and six dive roller coaster records. Eight riders sit across in three rows for 24 riders per train with a capacity of 1200 riders per hour and is expected to become a premier attraction alongside other world-famous roller coasters such as Top Thrill Dragster and Millenium Force. Valravn is set to open on May 7 2016.[mashvideo]

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