Remi Gaillard New Prank Is Awesome, Smokers Beware!!


Remi Gaillard New Prank On Smokers As A Fireman Is Awesome

Remi Gaillard New Prank On Smokers As A Fireman Is Awesome

Remi Gaillard New Prank On Smokers As A Fireman Is Awesome

There are many places in towns where smoking is not allowed yet people still go ahead and smoke in those regions. This is not only regarded as illegal but also not friendly to the environment which includes people who do not smoke. This is a situation that Remi Gaillard took as a idea that he could use to carry out the normal pranks that he always uploads on you tube.

He decided to visit the regions where smoking is not allowed dressed like a fireman and in case he spotted anyone smoking he would use the equipment that has smoke to stop them. Though he looked like a person prepared to tackle any fire emergency that occurred in the region, his main intention was to prank the people smoking cigars in the places where one is not allowed to smoke cigar.

It is so much seeing how different people reacted to the situation. Most of them are ready to start a fight with the prankster, Remi Gaillard. This brings out so much humor in the video as well as information that one is not allowed to smoke in such places.

The funny part of the video is when one is sprayed with the smoke and then they react by chasing away the prankster. Most of the people are not aware that it is a prankster and that is why they are even willing to start a fight with the prankster. He visits the places with no smoking signs on them and waits to spot anyone smoking so that he can carry out the prank on them.

Though it seems so much irritating to the people who are caught smoking, the audience enjoy the humor in the video created by Remi Gaillard. The way he approaches the people the people smoking is so strategic and one may not think that his intention is to spray them with the smoke.

All that come into the minds of the audience before they realize it is a prank is that there seems to be a situation that needs the urgent attention of the fireman. The audience also feels to have fallen for the prank in the first instance when they find out that is only a prank that is to be carried out on people smoking cigars in such places.

Remi Gaillard New Prank On Smokers As A Fireman Is Awesome

Remi Gaillard New Prank On Smokers As A Fireman Is Awesome

When watching the video, the fun in it attracts the attention of the audience as they are interested in seeing the reaction of the victims. It is funny seeing how the prankster is willing to take so much risks of being beaten just to achieve his goal.

Watching such pranks is a great form of entertainment that anyone can enjoy. It is so interesting to see how creative people can be to come up with humor that can sell on YouTube. These are some of the best clips that one can watch on you tube when they are bored since they have great entertainment value.


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