Republic Day – Fascinating Facts About India


Republic Day – Fascinating Facts About India

Media24by7 wishes a happy Republic Day to all the Indians. On this amazing occasion, we are presenting some historical facts related to India in order to let our readers know some unknown facts about India. India celebrated its first independence day on August 15, 1947. However; at the time of independence our country didn’t had a permanent constitution. Further to thisthe drafting committee presented the constitution’s first draft to the national assembly on November 4, 1947.


  1. The final English and Hindi versions of the written constitutions were signed on January 24, 1950.
  2. And the constitution came to effect on our first republic day that was celebrated on 26 January 1950. The date ‘26’ was chosen as earlier it was considered as the purana swaraj divas.
  3. The constitution was written in the manner that all the major powers were allotted in the hands of citizens of the country. And soon after this, the Indian citizens got the perfect power to govern themselves by choosing right administrators for them. This was the day, when Dr. Rajendra Prasad took the oath to be the loyal and active president of India. Ever since the historic day, January 26 is celebrated with festivities and patriotic fervor across India.
  4. You would be amazed to know that India was ranked among the richest countries of the world before the British invasion. However; after dealing with a lot of struggle today it is the condition that; India has become the country with highest no. of poor citizens.
  5. Indians are surly the masterminds. The Vedas and Upanishads were written at the time when almost all the developed countries didn’t know how to read and right. Still India is considered to be richest with its lavish culture and traditions.
  6. Today the people all over the globe are crazy about diamonds and their royal shine. These diamonds were first recognized and mined by the Indians. You would be amazed to read that till the year 1869, India was believed to be the only source of diamond in the whole world. Diamond was exported to worldwide from India.
  7. Now explore something great about our civilian powers. India is considered as the nation with fourth largest army in the world. The army men of the nation treat the godly Indian land as their lord, and serve in order to save their country from the alien attacks.
  8. Even if India is called a ‘developing nation’, the country is one of the fastest growing economies of the globe. With the great efforts of our government, and the highly intellectual and skilled youth till the year 2030, India will be the third largest economy after china and America.
  9. What about the markets? India has the fastest growing retailing markets of the world. India’s name is also included in the list of of the top five retail markets in the world.
  10. Agriculture is considered to be the main source of employment in India. Our agricultural products are successfully supplied all over the world. In other way Indians can say that India performs a great business in the export of agricultural products per year. After agriculture, the Textile services are another major source of employment in the country.
  11. Do you want to know about the largest employer of world? Yes such miracles happen only in India; the India Railways are believed to be the largest employer of the world. Railways of India employ around 20 Lakh people. Isn’t that amazing?
  12. People should be proud to be Indian; as it is been included among the only three countries of the world that make the super computers. Indians are also considered as the second largest community who develop and supply the high tech software.
  13. India is the country with around 1, 55,600 post offices. This indicates the fact that India has the largest postal network in the world. We also have the fifth largest rail network. And the country has world’s third largest road network that covers around 4.3 million kilometres.
  14. India is not only the home to Hindus; After Pakistan and Indonesia; India is the one with highest Muslim population.
  15. Indi’s name is counted among the nine largest aviation markets of the world; and yet it is being considered as fastest growing. By the year 2020, it will become the nation with third largest aviation market.
  16. Indians are known as the 19th largest exporter and 10th largest importer among the world. India is the first Asian country to undertake a mission in order to reach at the red planet ‘Mars’.
  17. India is a leading country in the field of medical science. Now the country has won the tags of ‘Polio free nation’. According to the report of world health organization, it’s been three years our country didn’t had any severe polio case.
  18. Indians are the owner of biggest warship, aircraft carrier INS named as Vikramaaditya. This aircraft finally joined the Indian navy operations in January 2013.
  19. The Indian film Industry that is concentrated in Mumbai is considered to be the largest producer of movies.
  20. It is so difficult to describe Indian culture, tradition and growth in words. Because the country has rich heritage and so much to cover. If you also know something more interesting and new, please share your views with us.

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