Restaurant In Nigeria Closed For Serving Human Flesh


Restaurant In Nigeria Closed For Serving Human Flesh

A restaurant located in the south east parts of Nigeria has been shut down after being suspected to have served meat from parts of the human body. Allegedly, bags containing the heads of human being were found in the restaurant’s kitchen and the bodies were missing.

As per the Swahili Service BBC news, a police in a station situated close to the restaurant got alarmed by the local people about fears that human meat was served to customers who visited the hotel. The local people suspected that something horrific was going on within the restaurant.

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After the police visited the restaurant, he established that heads of human being bodies had been packed into bags and hidden in one of the rooms in the Hotel’s kitchen. The notion was also proved after blood was found to have dripped on the floor of the Hotel. In addition deadly weapons were found hidden in the rooms of the Hotel, for example grenades and sharp swords. During the raid ten suspects were arrested and are yet to be questioned in court.

As per many of the residents, this incident was not astonishing. They claimed to have suspected something fishy and ungodly happening in the restaurant. The residents also claimed that they had seen people with impious looks walk in and out of the hotel every evening with big bags. This had made them doubt the meals sold at the hotel and thus, many of them seized to visit it.

One priest who regularly visited the restaurant was alarmed by the great reduction in the price of meals at the restaurant. He had loosed interest in the services at the hotel after he discovered that the cost of meet wash almost three times less than that of the neighboring hotels.

It was also learned that the source of meat served at the hotel was never established. If this is true, then so many people leaving in areas nearer to the hotel had eaten human meat. Visit us to get updates about this case.

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