Why You Should Watch SIZE IS 36C


Returning The Compliment – Why You Should Watch “SIZE IS 36C”

Bringing to light the uncomfortable, but humorous ways in which men look at women, SIZE IS 36C, does a impeccable job at recreating a scene that happens to most on a daily basis. SIZE IS 36C is the 3rd viral film from the PDT GyANDUu series and is available on YouTube. The film starts off in a corporate office cafeteria where a female intern runs into a male senior member.

Within the first 30 seconds of them sitting down, the male senior cannot keep his eyes where they should be looking during conversation. Since he does not seem to care about her self-worth, he has no issue going back and forth from her eyes to her breasts. Without giving too much away, their conversation continues for some time where he asks her if she has a boyfriend. This is where the tables turn for the better. The female intern, tired of being looked at like a piece of meat, gracefully makes the senior member as uncomfortable as he has made her.


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