Poverty-stricken Rickshawalla’s shows honesty over money


Poverty-stricken Rickshawalla’s shows honesty over money

Living an honest life is way better than living a false, deceitful life. It may require long term determination, relentless effort and integrity but it bears greater results in the long run. In this heart touching video, the honesty and morals of the humble Rickshawalla was vividly exhibited.

The Rickshawalla, inspite of being a poverty-stricken 74 year old man, refused to take his fare as the distance travelled by his passenger wasn’t too far.

His passenger, Varun Pruthi, is so touched by the Rickshawalla’s honesty and morality that he paid the full price of the Rickshaw to the master of the Rickshaw Agency. The Rickshawalla thanked Varun with all his heart and his joy was heartwarming. Varun then tried to know bit more about the Rickshawalla’s family and future plans, at which the latter said that he would now start saving for his daughter’s marriage.

Having thanked Varun once more the Rickshawalla took off never to forget this generous act and with his heart filled with happiness over finally owning his very own rickshaw. It is hoped that word of this incident will spread and people will be inspired to live an honest life as this is a conclusive example of “Honesty always pays”.


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