Rocket Bicycle P-210 Crushes It With 207 MPH World Record


Rocket Bicycle P-210 Crushes It With 207 MPH World Record

Do you love the adrenaline rush of racing? Do you think a Ferrari 430 Scuderia would offer you a significant advantage in any racing competition?

If so, perhaps it’s time to re-think your understanding as it relates to the meaning of competition.Consider how you’d feel at a race’s starting line, revving the engine of your well-tuned Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Glancing over your left shoulder, you’re shocked to learn your competitor is a mere mortal on a bicycle.

To add further insult to injury, the guy is trash talking you before the checkered flag drops. The light turns green, and you both give it all you’ve got. And before you realize what’s happened, the cyclist has destroyed you, as he flew down the track, going from absolutely motionless to a 207mph speed record in just under five seconds. Meanwhile, you’re left eating his dust wondering what’s to become of the Ferrari brand in the bike’s wake.

Of course, your opponent wouldn’t be challenging your pimped out Ferrari on just any bicycle. Rather, this challenger is the amazing Francois Gissy. He’s just strapped into his rocket propelled Rocket bicycle P-210 to the utter shame or Ferrari owners across the world.Indeed, it was precisely this unbelievable scenario that transpired in France, in 2013. Gissy absolutely stunned spectators, as he pummeled his previous world record, with a new and phenomenal 207mph speed record. All this took place in the South of France on the world famous Circuit Paul Ricard track that November.

Gissy explained to an interviewer attending the race that the secret to the bicycle P-210’s amazing speed, is that it boasts three rocket thrusters that burn concentrated hydrogen peroxide. Gissy went on to share that what motivates his love of the sport is the challenge. Gissy is also a man who is tough to satisfy. Apparently, he’s not contented with a second world record. He is already hard at work devising a new bicycle that he hopes will top his 207mph speed record. His “modest” goal for the new bike is to attain a top speed of at least 249 mph.[mashvideo]

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