The two sisters became over night fame video went viral across the world


The two sisters became over night fame video went viral across the world

Who by no means will get inside the skirt, Nirbhaya term is referred to them meaning fearless, it’s the bravest act by men as, as you know women have been prioritized and men feel inferior

In 2012 will be remembered for Delhi gang rape that took place in Munirka one of the south Delhi neighborhoods. on 16th December where a 23 year old female was physically assaulted and gang raped and killed by 6 men in a moving private a bus. Huge protest on government to take the issue of rape seriously, these symbolized the beginning of struggle to end rape the practice the has always seen the victims blamed instead of perpetrator

Rohtak sisters leaked photo


India came in the news in yet another to bus seduction incident, Rohtak brave sisters this time girls were on top. Rohtat is a district in the state of Haryana in the North India, November 2014 so two sisters Aarti and Pooja were caught on camera, on what is said to be one of the heroic moment ever captured on camera. It’s alleged that three boys had wild sexual desire on the two sisters in the full view of the driver and conductor after refusing to in to the seductive call by the three boys.

The video showed the girls fighting furiously with their back and blue girl belts. The two sisters became over night fame, the video went viral across the world. The governments honored the sister and give cash rewards to the sister on public day. Following this heroic act the they were also offered security

As the saying goes the life in fame does last forever, the second video was released on the social media showing the two sisters fighting a man in a park, this also came with a old woman who witnessed the whole incident said the three boys did not insult or harassed them sexually, but it was about the a seat. The more shocking report states that the two fail on polygraph and psychological assessment test while the three boys passed, according to the direction of the court granted on December 15th giving permission for special investigation this seem to that psychos gone wild or is the case of blaming rape victims?


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