Rolene Strauss: The Journey Of A Test Tube Baby Who Won Miss World 2014 Title


Rolene Strauss: The Journey Of A Test Tube Baby Who Won Miss World 2014 Title

It was the first time when the event was streamed at the tablets and mobile devices through the official Miss World Application. Rolene was born on April 22, 1992. The lady is the second woman from the South Africa to receive the honor of miss world pageant. Strauss is the daughter of Theresa, the nurse. Her father Mr.Hennie is a doctor by profession. The readers would be amazed to know that Rolene is the fourth year medical student. The lady feels that her first priority was about being a successful medical officer.

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The 64th edition of Miss World pageant was held on December 14, 2014 at Excel London. UK Megan young of the Philippines crowned her successor Rolene Strauss of South Africa.  At the end of the event. 121 contestants had competed for the crown. This was the second time when South Africa has won the title outright and the third time they have held the title

The lady had also been expected to compete for Miss Universe pageant. Since the lady was crowned as miss world in the month of December, so she could not compete at miss universe. However, the lady is being considered as the first South African woman to be crowned as miss world after 40 years.

When the sparkling diva was asked about her makeover preference she revealed that, ‘I would have to choose blush. One can choose the blush everywhere when n hurry; lips, cheeks, as well as eyelids. On her official webpage the lady revealed that her parents had struggled a lot to start a family and waited for the long interval of five years before Rolene popped out of the test tube.

The beautiful diva has a blue-green eye shade. She has a height of 5 feet, 10 inches. At the age of 16 years, the lady had won the title of Elite look international model. We can surely call the diva as the beauty with brain. The lady revealed in an interview that she doesn’t have any public relationship, concluding that she is single. Rolene loves to have the food prepared at home. The lady also has an old coal stove at her home that she loves to use during the chilling winters.

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