RRR Movie Review

How much did the RRR Movie earn?

RRR is the most mesmerizing movie with excellent frames and has overpowered the cinema world with the best script, animation, and presentation. The legendary SS Rajamouli has always expressed his ideas in successful movies. Being apart from the crowd, his work has been commendable. RRR Movie is made with a budget of 400 crores mixed with tons of hard work and dedication which has led the movie to great success. RRR Telugu Movie Review

RRR Movie

RRR Movie

Now let’s get to the fact, how much has it earned worldwide?

It’s a pleasure to tell you that after “Dangal” and “Bahubali”, “RRR Movie ” has been the third Indian movie to cross the mark with earnings of 1000 crore worldwide.

The Telugu movie RRR Movie has been translated into Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi. The Hindi dubbed movie earned 232 crores. Ram Charan, NT Rama Rao, Alia Bhatt, and Ajay Devgn being the star cast of the movie played their roles beautifully.

The first-day collection was approx 26 – 30 crores. It earned 900 crores in 10 days of release. Public showered their love and being the most renowned man SS Rajamouli once again created the best from the rest. It seems like he depicts his visualization perfectly in graphics and media. Being a blockbuster movie, it has just started its journey. The best earnings are yet to come. Alluring frames would surely take your heart away.

Is RRR Movie a true story?

No, It is not a true story but it is a beautifully depicted fiction film. It’s about two revolutionaries in the 1920s I.e, Komaram Bheem(role by N.T Rama Rao Jr.), and Alluri Sitarama Raju(played by Ram Charan). The stars played their role perfectly as expected by the audience. They are freedom fighters and fought against British rule.

The basic concept of the RRR Movie was to portray the period artistically. The creativity left the viewers spellbound and it seems it was worth waiting for SS Rajamouli’s new film. An idealistic movie with a perfect song combination adds cherry to the cake. This fiction film RRR indulges viewers in itself in a way that they feel completely engrossed in the film, forgetting about the surroundings.

Is RRR a hit or flop?

RRR Movie is a superhit movie that earned 400 crore per-business sales even before the movie was released. It gained the cost of making the movie before its release and gained profits continuously worldwide. Its popularity and craze are augmenting with time just because of the striving efforts of Legend Rajamouli.

It is rightly said that great efforts and dedication in the right direction reap the best results. In just 12 days RRR Movie entered the zone of profit easily. This high-budget movie with worthy content and excellent animation surely deserved a blockbuster title. It’s a great achievement for the team for the success of RRR Movie as they are the pillar of the built building. Excellent portrayal of emotions with perfect expressions took away the hearts of viewers. Action, thrill, and war all in one made a perfect combination.

Is RRR Movie better than Bahubali?

Both movies by S.S Rajamouli have been super hits with excellent fan craze and best earnings worldwide. He is passionate about breaking records and that’s what makes him unique.RRR Movie broke the records of Bahubali by earning 223 crores on the first day worldwide. RRR is competing extensively with Bahubali. Although both movies cannot be compared to each other as they are best on their terms. They both have action and drama but the difference in script, concept and animation made RRR exceed in the industry.

Facing multiple delays due to covid restrictions, the movie made its place conveniently and topped the score. Historical Fiction combined with action has led to the great popularity of the film. The renowned actors and RRR team showcased the film elegantly which attracted people unknowingly. This achievement has already made history and is already on the path of high glory and victory. Seeing the excitement and craze of people it’s predictable that RRR Movie will overpower records of Bahubali.

It’s a great achievement to give continuous hits as it takes a lot of effort to remain on the top.

RRR Movie has got great reviews from the audience due to its uniqueness in every aspect of a perfect movie. Leaving the records of Bahubali, it’s on its way to reaching great heights. People loved the combination of both actors Ram Charan and Jr. NTR who played a massive role in making it a super hit.

RRR Box Office Collection

The Telugu movie RRR was released on 25 March 2022 after many delays due to covid. It was probably released on 10,000 screens all over the world. Earning 223 crores on Day 1 it is continuously breaking records in Indian cinema. Earning 1000 crore till now, it is still competing to earn more. On the first weekend, the movie earned 500 crores. People are mesmerized seeing the movie with another new concept and appreciate SS Rajamouli for making superhit content again after Bahubali.


The RRR Movie is the best movie you must have wondered about. With all thrills, emotions, aggression, excitement, and anger, all in a 3-hour and 6 minutes movie makes our money spent worthwhile. Particularly it has the spirit to take your breaths away for a while and fill you with anger and excitement at the same time. If you are an action lover and attracted to historical fiction, this can be the best choice. While watching action scenes in the RRR movie you will have goosebumps for sure and you will shout out of excitement at the same time.

You would not have a single minute to think about anything else while watching this movie. The RRR (Film) Movie creativity level is of utmost importance and fulfils the expectations of the viewers with beautiful content and presentation. The fighting scenes in the movie glue you to the screen as they are perfectly shot. It’s the best decision to watch RRR Movie with family for a thrilling and exciting experience. So you must watch this superhit movie and comment on reviews about your personal experience.

So if you wish to know what RRR Film exactly signifies, you must watch this thrilling action movie.

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