Sachin Tendulkar ‘The God of Cricket’ To Play In A Biopic


Sachin Tendulkar ‘The God of Cricket’ To Play In A Biopic

Our readers love to stay updated with the B-town films and celebrities. Today we are going to connect you with India’s renowned sportsman Sachin and his upcoming biopic. Reports say that he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming feature film.  Sources have revealed that the movie is based on the life of the Indian cricketer master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin said in an interview that his biopic is going to be released in mid 2015.

Sachin Tendulkar Biopic

Our reporters have confirmed that the film is based on sachin tendulkar’s life; the movie will showcase his professional life and will also demonstrate about the struggles he has faced in order to achieve these heights. In the film the sachin is in leading role. The Mumbai based production company is dealing with sachin’s biopic. Many renowned celebrities will be appearing in the supportive characters; however the central character will be played by Tendulkar himself. A London based writer and film maker, James Erskine has scripted the story line of movie. Viewers will also get the chance to watch Sachin’s golden moments of his cricket career. Reports reveal that many scenes of the movie are shot in abroad.

Shachin’s wife, Dr. Anjali has said in an interview that Sachin is really excited about his upcoming biopic and has done great efforts in order to make a perfect film. Sachin’s children are highly amazed and excited to see their father on the silver screen. Sources deliver that his family members have always been so supportive in all aspects of his life. They have encouraged Sachin to make a rocking way in the B-town.  The producers of the film have taken all right through the WSG (world sports ground). Readers would be happy to know that the film is all set to have a great commercial success. His biopic will reveal his success story and explore about his professional life.

We all know the fact that Sachin is retired from the international cricket in 2013. The man has served for the country and has faced the fabulous career of 24 years. Sachin has been the all time favorite cricketer. His charming smile inspires the youth around the globe. Sachin has always stated that he has nothing to do with fame and money, what he wants is to take the nation at higher heights. Sachin has also revealed his success mantra; he said that on should always be honest towards their profession. Being honest will help us achieve great success in the life.

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