Why Samsung Is Losing Its Charm Globally


Why Samsung Is Losing Its Charm Globally

According to market researchers, with the launcsamsung-logoh of Micromax new mobile, Samsung has lost its spot of number 1 in India. And Micromax has become no.1 in India and No. 3 in world. According to market researchers, in the last financial year although, Samsung has made a good profit, but it is less than they have expected, Micromax has gained over 23% while Samsung has made it 20% only. There are many reasons for its failure; here we are going to share some reasons, which may be the cause of Samsung in the market. If you are a Samsung mobile user, then please share your views:

For a particular class, who are rich and the one who are having some extra money to use, they prefer to buy an apple’s I-phone, although it is quite expensive as compare to the mobiles, which come in this price range of Samsung. Actually, the brand image of this company makes it first preference for the buyers. It is like a luxury item to buy. The sale of Apple I-phone 6 and I-phone 6+ has increased its value 97% in the BRICKS sector (Brazil, China, India and South Africa). While on other, hand for Samsung this year the sales has decreased by 27% in particularly Q4 model. Even worse, overall the sell of company has decreased by 11% in India.

In the market every day an new company is emerging with its latest mobiles, which are already fitted with the world class standards and having a very low price as compare to Samsung mobiles. If they go for same specs in Samsung, they have to pay at least double of what they are paying for that new company mobile. For example if we take an example of Xiaomi Company, they are called as Apple of China; they have launched their mobiles like MI3, MI4, Red 1 and many more. If we compare the specs what they are providing with the one Samsung provide then, simply we can see the difference.

Let us not forget that Samsung is famous for its high price mobile phones. On the other hand, Micromax Company has gained its name in the market by selling same specifications in low rate. It is a notable thing that Micromax was the first brand to launch a mobile having a quad core processor and a five inch screen together under a mere amount of Rs. 14000. There are many examples as it.

Buyer now days are surrounded with a lot of options, and in this sea of varieties, he does not like to go on same old brand, instead he is trying new brands. It is noticeable that in last one year only many companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Gionee, OnePlus and many more has launched in India. And they have made their marketing strategy well.

Xiaomi in less than a time of one year, has sell over 1 millions of their mobiles, even without doing marketing in India. One plus has launched CyanogenMod model for the first time in India. Later Micromax has made its first CyanogenMod model in the mobile called as Yureka. Some new os are also, there in these new mobiles like Xiaomi is having MIUI software, One plus who has already launched CyanogenMod model is planning to launch its new OS Oxygen later this year. So after all options why one should even think of old OS and technology of Samsung Smartphone.

The company Samsung really needs to redesign their price and specs, if they want to survive in the market. Otherwise, the consumer already has many options to choose from.

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