Ashwome science experiment crafts


Ashwome science experiment crafts

There are ten incredible science tricks using liquid ; for instance: using a slow motion ball. For this, you will need a thick liquid, a heavy ball and a sphere container. Another science experiment is by employing a water fire starter where you will require a plastic or glass container with an abyss though pom bottles work great. Thirdly, a no-leak magic bag for this you will need a zip baggy, pencils and water. Fourthly, liquid stacking where you require a tall glass or bottle, dish soap, vegetable oil, dark com syrup, rubbing alcohol, water and food coloring. Then using an invisible bottle, a slow motion liquid where you need a powered speaker, a tone generator, com starch, water and plastic.

Also by using a magic water barrier, where you need two of the same glasses, hot water, cold water, food coloring and a thin piece of plastic or cardboard. Another awesome craft will be leidenfrost effect of needing a pan, water and a stove. Then a reverse illusion where you add all sorts of images behind a glass and lastly reversing liquid which requires one big glass, three mixing glasses, com syrup, pipettes, food coloring and clips.


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