Secrets And Lies of Animal Kingdom


Not Only Humans Have Secrets And Lies , But Also Many Wild Animals In Animal Kingdom Do Have There Secrets

Not Only Humans Have Secrets And Lies, But Also Many Wild Animals In Animal Kingdom Do have There Secrets

 Many people think that humans are the only beings that know how to be masters of disguise, but this is far from the truth. There are many members of the animal world that have perfected the art of lying to other organisms in their quest to survive. These amazing animals have adapted themselves to the challenges that they face on a daily basis and they have crafted ingenuous ways of fooling their attackers and luring their prey.

The Southern Hognose Snake

One of the disguise artists in the animal kingdom is the Southern Hognose snake. When this snake comes across a dangerous predator, it plays dead. However, it goes far behind the regular than fall and don’t move’ trick that most animals do. First it imitates agony, and then it curls itself into rings and lies belly-up, letting its tongue out. If it feels that that the predator requires more convincing, it also emits the smell of rotting flesh and it also spews out a red fluid that looks very much like blood. Without a doubt, even the most determined predators are likely to turn away with such a show.

Hawaiian Caterpillar

Next up on the list of amazing animal cheaters is the Hawaiian Caterpillar. The Hawaiian Caterpillar is unique to all other caterpillars in the fact that it features what looks like a claw on one end. This caterpillar ingeniously poses at a branch on small plants and lies in wait for fruit flies that come by. When a fruit fly perches next to it, its claw quickly stretches and grabs the insect in a solid embrace, and the rest is history.

Secrets And Lies of Animal Kingdom

Fire-fly Larvae

You will also be intrigued by the secrets and lies of Fire-fly larvae. Once a year, Fire-fly larvae gather to provide a beautiful light show of bright-green lights. The larvae glow this way to lure ants and termites that happen to have wings at that time of the year since they are in mating season. When these ants and termites come close, the larvae grab them and devour them. This slaughter happens for two weeks on average.

The Alligator Snapping Turtle

The Alligator Snapping Turtle is another master of illusions that is worth mentioning. This huge, muscular turtle is too big to run around going after fish. Therefore, what it does is lure fish to itself. It has a huge gaping mouth that is dark brown in color, and it also has a pink tongue that is perfectly shaped like a worm and that also moves like a worm. Because of the color of its mouth, fish only see the worm-like tongue when the turtle opens wide, and as you would expect, when the fish goes for the perceived worm, it becomes dinner.[mashvideo]

There are many masters of disguise in the animal kingdom that are determined to survive no matter what, so what out lest you be fooled as well kept their secrets and lies for there survival.

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