See how a Hippo, can HUNT


See how a Hippo, can HUNT

In today’s age, hippopotamuses also called hippo, are seen as gentle and cute creatures. But what you are going to read now will forever change your view of hippos.

Hippos seem soft and vulnerable from the outside, but inside, they are a fury. They have sharp teeth, way faster than you think, and can ruthlessly hunt and kill animals like in the video, where a poor impala, who got stuck in the mud because of being chased by lions, was ruthlessly drowned and killed by a hippo.

In this video, we can see how hippos can release their inner powers. What do hippos eat? In zoos and reservations, we see that zookeepers feed hippos plants and such gentle beast, but we are seeing quite wrong, they are not only dangerous and can easily hunt a harmless plant eaters such as the impala.

In this edge, spectacular HD Video, the two photographers really caught a video proof of this ferocity. The couple must have used an HD Camera because they sound far away from the battle scene, and only a good quality HD Camera can capture the film that well.

The hippo can indeed fit into the Most Ferocious Animals category, because we can see that it’s attacks are, if not more, as ferocious as other animal attacks. Sadly, in some cases such as the impala’s, there is no second chance because once they are in an animal fight, they really do not have a second chance. Did the impala that got stuck in the mud get a second chance to hide? No, it didn’t. It couldn’t. Hippo teeth are even sharper and longer than lion teeth, and, if they were to fight, there is more chance that the hippo will win because of its speed, teeth, and weight. With all this said, we can assume, if not put down, that hippos are very likely to do something as ruthless as most animals. This video is a great evidence of what hippos can do, and how we were indeed very mistaken.


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