Self Styled Godman in Trouble Over Forced Castration of Followers


Self Styled Godman in Trouble Over Forced Castration of Followers

It’s time for some hot news. These days Self-Styled-Godman, Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim is surrounded with a lot of controversies. Rockstar baba is in a case again, the CBI has filed a case against Dera Sacha Sauda head Gurmeet Ram Rahim.You would be stunned to note that the self made god, Ram Rahim is again in the light with a new case of forced castration of his 400 folowers. Baba is already in the radar of Investigation agencies for the cases of murder , rape and sexual harassment. Sources have confirmed the fact that CBI has registered a case against Baba Rahim, as the man has alleged in castration of his followers. Earlier there was news that Baba was even trapped in the case of murder and harassment in the year 2013.

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Baba Ram Rahim has recently directed the movie ‘Messenger of god’; the man has played a lead character in the movie. The movie got is co-direction by Jeetu Arora. The movie is based on the sex rackets, drugs abused and alcoholism. MSG is produced under the banner of Hakikat productions. After facing a lot of controversial drama, the movie is finally going to release officially on the January 16, 2015. Baba revealed in an interview that MSG has been dubbed in three languages i.e. Tamil, Telgu and English. Movie will be released throughout the globe, and Rahim feels that people should definitely watch it as the movie will showcase a great social lesson.

Our sources reveal the fact that shooting of MSG is held in the state of Maharashtra , Kerala and Karnataka. Rahim has conducted a concert in Haryana in order to ban alcoholism, reports reveal that some scenes of the concert are also included in the film ‘MSG’. However, we guess that Baba Rahim is so confident about the commercial success of the movie. The man has recently stated that after a lot of controversies, our film is finally going to release, we don’t know about the cunning ones but we are sure that the others will surely love the movie and will also follow the lessons.

It is really appreciable that after facing great criticism, Baba Ram Rahim has managed to successfully complete the production. He recently said in a press conference that he will always put his best efforts in order to ban alcoholism and drugs consumption. We feel that at some extent the man is really concerned about the nation and the social beings. However, the way he followed will certainly be difficult for him. Changes are good, but they can create firing violence if they hurt any kind of religious sentiments. The movie that is not yet released is creating such controversial dramas; we are worried about the condition after its release.

With all such criticism, it is being really difficult for Baba Ram Rahim to spread the message across the world. And now all these allegations will make it really impossible for him to re build his god like image in front of the people. Such cases have made it difficult for the producers to release MSG; however they are saying that in any condition the movie will release in theaters on 16 December.

These were some updates about the highly controversial Baba Ram Rahim and his upcoming film. For more updates stay tuned with Media24by7.

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