Number One Selfie Girl


Number One Selfie Girl

Every beautiful girl fancies selfies. Search for the top rated selfies in the world and you would agree that they are unique and beautiful in their own ways.

It is however hilarious how selfies are taken today. Every selfie addict girl in the world has come up with own various selfie moments. They literally take them whenever the thought crosses their minds. Talk about funny backgrounds, funny faces, funny situations, more like puppet pictures… the list is endless. Some even go ahead and fake situations like faking getting a scratch or two on a finger.That is an excuse enough to take a selfie which hundreds would talk about. With the current “hush-tag” trend, selfies have become more addictive to especially girls.

Just a word of advice to all the beautiful ladies taking selfies… have the right phone to use dear! You don’t want to risk a bad selfie circulating out there.


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