Shamu attacks and kills pelican during the show at sea world


Shamu attacks and kills pelican during the show at sea world:

The story is of Shamu who is a killer whale at the sea world, San Diego, who is also a performer to capture the big crowd. It was 20th February 2008 and the show was named as ‘Believe’ which was attended by Shamu as a performer.

In the video, it was seen that the whale is performing stunts which are guided by the trainer at the poolside. With the trainer, there is a small girl who was from the crowd and given the opportunity to stand next to the pool and see the whales performing.

All was going well as directed but during the show, a Pelican landed on the water unaware of the situation and the pool full of whales. Suddenly out of nowhere, one of the whales lunged at it from underneath the water as they felt the presence of an innocence bird.

The whale can be seen catching the bird with its jaws and dragging it back to the water where the whales rule. It created a mess, as the crowd who came to see the show suddenly panicked and started moving to the exit leaving trainers behind.

You can clearly see the trainer in the foreground use the intercom to tell the others to get the Pelican off the water or to distract the whales from going near it. Obviously, this didn’t work. As the whale gets the Pelican, you can see the trainer in the foreground put his hands to his head and yell at the trainers on the main stage.

He then pushes the girl from the audience back away from the water and clear of any danger. They even tried to offer food to the whales but didn’t succeed as they were happy with the bird.  At this point, the show’s music was still blaring out of the speakers, but it was obvious to the audience the show had not gone as planned.

Some of the trainers tried to continue on as if nothing had happened and continued the dance moves. Meanwhile, the whales still hadn’t surfaced and had their catch at the bottom of the pool. Eventually, one whale did surface, as did the limp body of the pelican. The whales then pushed it around the surface for a while and then tore it apart in front of the audience.

The trainers got back the attention of the whales and managed to lure them backstage to the holding pen, leaving bits of pelican floating around in the pool. Once the trainers had the whales securely locked up, they then went about retrieving the Pelican parts from the pool. Since the show had been cut short, the bewildered audience responded with clapping and cheering as each part of the Pelican was retrieved from the pool.

Each piece of the bird was collected from the pool and all the trainers gathered for a quick meeting in which they might be discussing the possible ways to overcome this situation in near future. While the meeting was on flow, many other birds can be seen taking up an advantage of the situation and gathered to eat fish food which was left behind next to the pool.

After seeing so many birds at the same time, one whale tried to come close and get another bird under the water but there was a gap in between which kept the birds out of reach from the whales. The struggle was of no use as later when the meeting was over, all of the whales were pulled back to a position.


Source: Darrin

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