Shankar’s Film ‘I’ Gets Mixed Reviews, Collects Over 100 crore


Shankar’s Film ‘I’ Gets Mixed Reviews, Collects Over 100 crore


Shankar is amazingly popular for his recent piece of art ‘I’. The worldwide release of his movie in over 15,000 screens on the occasion of Pongal is being considered as the movie of the year. Yes, this is just a beginning of a new year but you cannot deny the fact. ‘I’ is a love story with a touch of jealousy, revenge and truth. Mr. India title winner, bodybuilder Lingasen dreams of Diya (Amy Jackson), a model. Lingasen is a Tamil guy who lives in a Housing board flat. While Diya is a rich, educated girl, she is exactly opposite to the guy. Whether it is bra or sanitary pads, Lingasen buys buys every product Diya models for.

Diya is followed by a model named John (Upen Patel). Diya rejects him. Lingasen happens to meet Diya at a shoot where she asks him for an ad shoot by replacing John. The twist in this tale takes place when Lingesan rejects an offer and advance from a rich businessman.

Vikram plays three characters in the film – the bodybuilder, hunchback and the model. Vikram has worked hard on working for each role and you can see his work when it comes to gaining or loosing weight and dialogue delivery. For a makeup artist and for Vikram himself, the role of the hunchback is considered to be the most difficult and appreciable in this film. The role is appreciated because the hard work and time he’s given to this film and he is the main element of this film.

After all these things, still the movie doesn’t meet the expectations. Yes, we have to say that ‘I’ has disappointed the audience. As his fans know that Shankar always makes films that with technical excellence and his stories always contain a message. But in ‘I’ that magic was not seen. People are missing that touch of magic which has made the movie a little dull. Changing the writer is also a reason behind this. Shankar worked with the experienced writer Sujatha in his previous movies, but in ‘I’ he worked with Shubha. Sujatha has written brilliant dialogues for his films but this time, the Shubha’s pen has not done so well.

Music is perfect, as we all know that maestro A.R. Rahman has given music to the film. Technically, movie has everything. Watching Amy Jackson turning into a phone, bike and converting into a plant can look very exciting for some peoplebut it does not have that much weight we were expecting from Shankar. Suresh Gopi , Upen Patel, and Ojas Rajani have done ok-ok work as you can not find something memorable in their roles.
The three hours and nine minutes long movie ‘I’ is made with a huge budget of 90 Crore. The one man show is really long.

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